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Share your experiences in an ifolor photo book

Every experience, every memory, everything you experience is in some way a story. You document the very special stories in your life, both in the form of language, as narration, and in picture form with the photos you take of them. Keep your stories alive forever and share them with your friends, family, and colleagues in a perfect combination of picture and writing. You can do just that with an ifolor photo book. Find the perfect photo book for your story here at ifolor.

Inspirations for your photo books

No photo book is like the other. Your photos and stories make them unique. But a photo book can be so much more than just a story about holidays, family, and love, however lovely those stories are. In our blog you will find numerous inspirations on how you can use photo books for more: for example as a cookbook, travel diary, or songbook for Christmas. In many articles by our professionals we also show you helpful tips for creating a stylish photo book for every occasion imaginable. Be inspired for your photos and stories!

Document your travels

When we travel, we gain valuable experiences, learn about other cultures, and see extraordinary things. Our constant companion is typically our smartphone or a camera. In this article, you can learn how to document your travels in a personal photo book. Martina Bisaz will show you how to design the pages of your photo book – with combinations of full-page photos, white pages with inspiring quotes, or centred images for an elegant gallery effect. Be inspired and get more out of your travel photos with an ifolor photo book!

Your way to the perfect photo book

With the ifolor Designer, you can design any photo book from the ifolor product range with your photos. In addition to numerous design templates, there are many other ways to make your photo book your very own creative masterpiece. In this blog post you will learn how to use ifolor Designer for your photo book. Videos and screenshots show you the way through our photo book tool. You will also find the ifolor Designer manual here.

Create a beautiful gift with the ifolor Gift Booklet App

Now you can comfortably create a unique photo booklet directly from your couch. With this app you can place your pictures directly from your smartphone onto the pages of your booklet. You have numerous design options at your disposal. For example, you can use frames to put your photos in the spotlight or add text, such as a description or an inspiring quote. This article shows you how to use the app and what features it has to offer. As a gift or for your own collection, an ifolor booklet is the perfect choice.

Best of: ifolor photo books

Photo books are popular for many of their qualities and are popular for various occasions: ifolor’s high-quality photo books are suitable as gifts for partners or family members or for immortalising a holiday. Especially popular are the Photo Book Deluxe and the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper. The award-winning Photo Book Deluxe, our bestseller, comes with a hardcover binding and is available in various formats. The Premium Photo Paper Photo Book offers that certain extra something. Thanks to its flat-lying pages, it can also display particularly large pictures over two pages in top quality.

Photo Book Deluxe

The Photo Book Deluxe lives up to its name. The hardcover binding gives the photo book the high-quality feel of an ordinary book, but what really makes it stand out are your photos, the story you want to tell with them. The high-quality digital print makes your photos stand out with outstanding colour and quality and you can choose between the formats A3, A4, A5, 21×21 cm and 28×28 cm. If you choose the A4 version, you can also have your pages glossy finished so that your photos shine even more beautifully. If you choose the A4, A3 or 28×28 cm formats, you can also order the photo book with an elegant gift box.

Photo Book Premium Photo Paper

A stunning photo book for your stunning photos: The Photo Book Premium Photo Paper shows your photos from their best side. Don’t let the width of the pages limit you anymore! Thanks to the flat-lying pages, you can use photos over two pages without losing even a fraction of the image. Not only will your panoramic photos come across perfectly, but you also have more room for creative designs and image combinations. The hardcover binding gives your photo book a great feel and a professional look. With this photo book your memories come back to life!

The ifolor photo books

Photo books keep the most beautiful memories and experiences alive, in outstanding quality and brilliant colours. Large or small, ifolor photo books are at their best in a wide variety of formats. You can also choose unusual formats, such as square 28×28 cm or A3, to preserve your photos, enjoy them at any time and indulge in your memories. The ifolor photo books are also perfect as gifts – for parents, partners, or friends. With some products, you also have the option of ordering an elegant gift box to make giving even more beautiful.

Photo Book Deluxe

  • Formats: A3, A4, A5, 21×21 cm and 28×28 cm
  • Hard cover with adhesive binding
  • Inside pages also with high-gloss finish in format A4
  • Our best seller with lots of great options
  • NEW: With optional high-quality gift box
from CHF 24.95

Immortalise the most beautiful memories in a timeless Photo Book Deluxe. With this product, you have made the right choice both as a gift and for yourself. The hardcover binding makes a high-quality impression on any book shelf and ensures that your memories will last for a long time. If you choose the A4 version, you can have the inside pages glossy finished so that your photos can shine in full brilliance for years to come!

Delivery time: 6 working days

Photo Book Premium Photo Paper

  • Formats: A3, A4 and 28×28 cm
  • Hard cover, matt or glossy
  • Pages made from premium photo paper, matt or glossy
  • For big occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or births
  • NEW: With optional high-quality gift box
from CHF 39.95

Tell your stories with even more freedom for creativity! The flat-lying pages of the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper make it possible to spread your photos over two pages to create even more creative designs and layouts in your photo book. The special binding means that no part of your photo is lost in a crease when you choose to spread the image over two pages. This photo book is an excellent option for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or the birth of a baby.

Delivery time: 6 working days

Photo Book Soft

  • Format: A4
  • Soft cover with adhesive binding
  • Practical and versatile
  • Perfect as a yearbook, catalogue, or your club
from CHF 24.95

Flexible, versatile, personal: The Photo Book Soft makes it easy to take your memories with you and share them with others on the go. This product is a great option for a yearbook to take with you to a New Year’s celebration and share with friends or family. You could also design the Photo Book Soft as a club book to document the history of your sports club.

Delivery time: 6 working days

Photo Book Spiral

  • Formats: A4, A5 and A6
  • Robust spiral binding
  • Front and back cover made of durable transparent plastic
  • Ideal to enjoy your photos on the go
from CHF 11.95

With a Photo Book Spiral you have found an excellent photo book that young and old alike will enjoy for a long time to come. The sturdy spiral-bound photo book is perfect for enjoying beautiful memories on the go and with children. Thanks to the flat-lying pages, you can also place your panoramic photos over two pages without losing any part of the picture in the fold.

Delivery time: 4 working days

Gift Booklet

  • Available: iPhone Booklet App
  • Format: 13×13 cm
  • 20 to 100 pages
  • Real matt photo paper
  • Flat-lying inside pages
  • Soft cover, leporello binding
  • High quality gift box included
from CHF 19.95

Small but special: Design your very own Gift Booklet directly from our smartphone with your photos on up to 100 pages in a compact 13×13 cm format. This booklet is perfect as a gift as it comes with a matching gift box. Using our iPhone Booklet App, you can add designs such as frames and text to your photos. Your photos will look fantastic printed on real, matt photo paper.

Delivery time: 4 working days

for ifolor photo books

Unique inspirations

Photo books offer so many possibilities. They are popular gift ideas as well as souvenirs for yourself. But that is not all you can do with photo books. Our ifolor blog offers more ideas and inspiration for photo books. From design tips up to ideas for content, you’ll find everything you need to create something truly unique and special. For example, you could create a voucher booklet for Mother’s Day with beautiful photos of you, your mother or the subject of the voucher.

For every occasion

Unique gift ideas and inspirations

Find the right gift for every occasion – an easy task with ifolor! Be it Christmas, a Wedding, Easter, sporting events, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby & Birth, Birthdays, Travelling, den an Annual Review, Thank You or even Pet Day handelt here, you’ll find ideas and inspiration for each and every event.

Frequently asked questions about photo books

The number of photos you can use for your photo book depends on the product you select and the number of pages you want it to have. The Photo Book Soft and the Photo Book Deluxe offer up to 132 pages, the Photo Book Premium a maximum of 72 pages. With the Photo Book Spiral you can choose to use up to 84 pages.
For each page you can choose between different layouts, which offer up to eight photo placeholders for your pictures. So, depending on the choice of photo book, you can use up to 1188 photos in one book. In the ifolor Designer, you simply drag and drop your images onto the page. With 132 pages, the Photo Book Deluxe in A3 offers the most space.
The Gift Booklet can be designed with up to 100 photos.

You can order an elegant gift box in black or white for the Photo Book Deluxe and the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper. Your photo book will be delivered to you ready to give away. The ifolor Gift Booklet already has an elegant gift box included. You can also specify a different delivery address so that your gift is delivered straight to the recipient.

Upon receipt of your order, we will deliver the Photo Book Spiral within four working days to the delivery address specified. For the Photo Book Deluxe, the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper, the Photo Book Soft and the Gift Booklet, the delivery time is six working days due to the more complex process of adhesive binding.

The Photo Book Deluxe and the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper are ideal for very special occasions or extraordinary memories. They offer plenty of space for your photos and the hardcover binding makes a very good and professional impression. In addition, these products convince with outstanding image quality and colour, of course. A special feature of the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper are the flat-lying pages made of real photo paper, which let you use two pages for your extraordinary panoramic photos without losing any part of your photo in the fold. These products are perfect for big occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and the like.

The ifolor Gift Booklet is perfect as a nice gesture or to say thank you. With real photo paper and in a handy format, you can easily design this photo book from your smartphone using the ifolor iPhone Gift Booklet app. To top it all off, the booklet comes with a stylish gift box, ready to give away.

As a practical, yet beautiful gift, the Photo Book Spiral is a very good choice. For example, you could design it as a colouring book, songbook or recipe book, as a birthday present for parents and children alike. The pages lie flat, so the pages don’t turn by themselves.
The Photo Book Soft with softcover binding is suitable as a gift for different occasions and recipients. For instance, it is a great choice for a yearbook or club book. The adhesive binding makes it easy to flip through the pages of this lovely photo book.

When you have finished designing your photo book, you will be notified of any unused placeholders or empty pages before proceeding to the next step. You can then choose to fill them or deliberately leave them blank. Placeholders that are not filled will not be printed – you can still decorate the area manually afterwards. Using the preview function, you can see what blank pages will look like in the finished photo book: Empty pages will appear white or in the background colour you have defined. You can decorate them afterwards with handwriting, drawings, or adding more pictures manually later on.

It is not possible for multiple users to work on a photo book simultaneously, but you can show your photo book to your friends or family before placing your order. To do this, simply select the “”Share Photo Book”” function in the ifolor Designer. This creates a temporary website where you can browse through your book’s pages. You can simply copy the link to the page and share it with other via mail or messenger.
Another option is sharing the photo book file with someone using an external data medium such as a CD or USB stick. The other person can then edit the photo book on a PC running the same operating system. So if you’re using a Windows PC, the other PC must also be using Windows. The same applies to a Mac.

A step-by-step guide to transferring your photo book file can be found here.

You can reorder a photo book you’ve ordered in the last 30 days. As soon as your photo book is ready for shipping, we send you an email with the shipping confirmation. In this email, you will find the reorder link. However, you can no longer make any changes to your photo book using the reorder link.

If you created your photo book with the ifolor Designer, you can order old photo books again at any time and edit them beforehand. You can also use your old photo books as templates for new photo books, for example, if you want to create an annual review with the same layout and design every year.

Design unique photo books with ifolor online

Photo books preserve our memories for eternity. With ifolor, you really put your creativity to the test when creating a photo book. As a gift for a special occasion such as a wedding or an anniversary, as a small thank-you or even for yourself as a reminder of the most beautiful moments or holidays, ifolor photo books the perfect choice. There are many options when it comes to the format: small, square, A4, A3 and many more. Thanks to numerous design templates, you can design your personal photo book individually and creatively at ifolor. Immortalise your photos in an ifolor photo book today!